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“Over the last two decades, Leon D. DeMatteis Construction Corp. has been extremely fortunate to have JMV Associates, LLC as one of our premier Consultants…”

- Leon D. DeMatteis Construction Corp.

“We have worked and known each other for well over 25 years and anytime I need help, even if just to ask for advice, I know I can always count on you to step right up and get the right people involved and help me…”

- Axis Construction Corp.

“It is rare, if not unique, to find a firm of professional code Consulting experts which also holds the experience, and professional credentials of architecture & professional Structural engineering, the extensive years of excellence in code consulting and the reputation…”

- DVL Engineering

“JMV is a critical component of the Design Team and their participation is vital for all phases of a project - from Design through Construction and Project Closeout…”

- Rawlings Architects PC

“Jackie and Pilar have established a presence and an impeccable reputation by providing consulting services in a professional & timely manner…”

- Kenny & Khan Architects PC

“They are knowledgeable about navigating the NYC Building Department procedures…”

- Bladykas Engineering, P.C.

“Here’s to hopefully another 20 years of continued accomplishments between our both family run businesses…”

- Ianelli Construction Co., Inc

“When it comes to expediting services, JMV Associates is our #1 go-to company…”

- IAQ Systems Consulting Engineers

“JMV Associates is our go-to Code and Expediting Consultant for all of our SCA Work. Pilar Velez and the JMV Team have been invaluable in navigating the most complex filing and approvals strategies we have faced…”

- La Rocca Greene Architects LLC

“JMV has been valuable in securing initial permits and also in closing the projects…”

- Citnalta Construction Corp.

“We are proud to have partnered with them over the years and rate them an A- company…” 

- Mana Products Inc

“Our organization has done business with JMV Associates for over 20 years, and they continue to be the upmost professionals, provide prompt service to our organization, and have always demonstrated knowledge of the task on hand to always achieve success in filing projects with the many regulating bodies in such a complex city…”

- DVL Consulting Engineers, Inc

“In an industry where excuses and lack of performance are the common place, your firm is a true gem…”

- Leon D. DeMatteis Construction Corp.

“They do excellent work, and their rates are very reasonably priced…”

- Arnell Construction Corp.

“I would highly recommend them…”

- Rentar Development Corp.

“Everybody at JMV is very professional, conscious and knowledgeable…”

- Charles G. Michel Engineering

“Since 2006, our firm has relied upon them to provide us with Expediting services for our many New York-based projects…”

- Partners for Architecture, Inc

“They are a superb team, do proper follow-ups, always responsive and reliable; highly recommended…”

- T. Moriarty & Son, Inc

“Richard, both yourself and Jackie have always been contractor friendly and have been a pleasure to work with through the years…”

- Leon D. DeMatteis Construction Corp.

“We have been working with JMV for many years on school projects with the NYC School Construction Authority…”

- Mitchell Giurgola Architect LLP

“They are the epitome of professionalism; in that they are always prepared and ahead with all their assignments…”

- Kliment Halsband Architects

“Their professionalism, generous contacts and communication makes developing projects in New York City appear easy...”

- 75-08 Broadway, LLC

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