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Municipal Filings & Approvals

Municipal Filings and Approvals

With our vast experience in private and public sector projects and their demanding construction schedules, JMV Associates has the vision to strategize the filing process of the most challenging projects and meet the critical milestones.

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Violations Research & Dismissal

Violations Research and Dismissal

With a violation team of experts, we develop strategies for dismissal of violations, attend violation hearings, mitigate violation penalties and obtain approval of Certificates of Correction.


Building Code

Our thorough code analysis allows design professionals to resolve issues that could lead to objections issued by regulatory agencies. By identifying during the inception phase of the project, it enables clients to pursue other options.

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Zoning Consulting

We will establish the parameters of your project by conducting a zoning analysis that will determine the feasibility of your project.

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Building Code
Zoning Consulting
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