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Pilar Velez

Senior Project Manager


Pilar Velez has over 25 years of professional experience as our key liaison with the NYC School Construction Authority (SCA), the city agency that manages the design, construction, and renovation of school facilities throughout the boroughs.


She coordinates the planning process in the filing, strategizes the intricacies of obtaining approvals, and delegates work to her teammates. She also prepares proposals, billing procedures, and conducts site visits as necessary.


Pilar handles school projects by completing the required city agency filings and approvals to ensure projects are proceeding according to time and quality standards.

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Notable Projects
  • Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School (PS 557K), Brooklyn, New York

  • PS 303Q, Forest Hills, New York

  • PS/IS 437K, Manhattan, New York

  • PS 2Q, Flushing, New York

  • PS 046Q, Bayside, New York

  • PS 347X, Bronx, New York

Sustainable Energy Projects
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