Movie Theater

Project Details

Project Location: Bayside, New York

Scope of work: The conversion of an existing two-story, 40,000 square foot and one story shaft movie theater, to offices and retail stores is an example of adaptive reuse.

The project consisted of a demolition phase to remove the four movie theaters including the removal of supporting steel beams encased in concrete as well as the attached concrete slabs. All steel members were salvaged to be reused in the construction phase. The construction phase included the creation of a new cellar, the design of foundations, columns, concrete slab on grade, and new concrete floors, steel columns and beams in the 60’- 0” high shaft.

In addition, it included the installation of a new handicapped elevator to service the new and existing floors. The completed retail and office building consisted of a cellar and three-story office spaces with a portion of the third floor connecting to a new fourth floor addition through an internal staircase. The resulting commercial square footage is approximately 50,000 square feet.

The Marque, a symbol of the neighborhood theater, was maintained.

Scope of services: Retained as Building Code, Zoning Consultant and Expediters. Filed plans and applications with city agencies having jurisdiction, obtained approvals, permits and a final certificate of occupancy.